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Joseph K J (Curriculum vitae)

Joseph K Job 

Associate Professor of Malayalam Mary Matha Arts & Science College Vemom PO, Mananthavady, Wayanad Kerala State, South India-670 645 Phone Off: 04935 241087 Mob 9447682387

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Current position

Associate Professor of Malayalam in Mary Matha Arts and Science College, Manathavady (graded A by NAAC), affiliated to Kannur University, Kerala, India
Member, Board of studies in Malayalam (U G) Kannur University
Member, Expert committee in the Department Rural and Tribal Sociology, Kannur University.
Recognized Research Guide in Malayalam Kannur University.

Current interests

Theoretical Linguistics, Language Teaching (Malayalam), Lexicography, Folkloristics and Media Studies

Academic record

PhD in Linguistics from University of Mysore, Karnataka, India in 2003 on the topic- The Language of Newspaper Headlines in Malayalam Dailies Under the supervision of prof C S Ramachandra, Director, Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, Myosre University.

M.A. (Linguistics) 1991 Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India Specialization :Theoretical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Bilingualism; Dravidian Linguistics

M.A. (Malayalam) 1989 University of Calicut, Kerala, Specialization : Malayalam Language & Literature; Linguistics; Folkloristics

B.A. (History) 1987 University of Calicut, Kerala, History of South India; History of America; British History


1. Passed the national level eligibility test for lectureship in Malayalam conducted by the University Grants Commission, the apex body coordinating higher education in India.
2. Secured First Class with Distinction in the M.A. Linguistics examination.
3. Secured first Class in the M.A. Malayalam examination.

Research profile

1. Worked as Research Fellow in Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore for one year (1992-1993) in the Indo-Japanese Lexicography Project for compiling a Malayalam-English-Japanese dictionary for second language learners. I was a member of the team in charge of identifying and compiling Malayalam lexemes to suit the requirements of second language learners.
2. Ph D in Linguistics from Mysore University
3. Completed a UGC-sponsored project titled A Sociolinguistic Study on the Kurichyas of Wayanad. (The Kurichyas are an indigenous tribe belonging to this area. The study is focused mainly on language shift/maintenance; language attitude; the influence of mainstream languages like Malayalam and Kannada, on the Kurichya tongue etc).
Total research experience : 10 years



Syamalakumari,B, Joseph K J and Sivaprasad (2002 ) Bharathiya Basha Jyothi-Malayalam. Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.
Joseph K J (2010 ) Language  and Ethnicity,   KSLR and Publication Division, Mary Matha Arts and Science College, Mananthavady
Joseph K J (2012 ) Bhashayum aadhunikotharathayum (in Mal) Lipi Books , Kozhikode
Joseph K J (2012 )
Kanavinte paathangal (in Mal) Mathrubhoomi Publications, Kozhikode (under publication)
Samantharam - Parallel College ( under publication)
2. Papers Published

Joseph K J (1994) "Language of Non-resident Malayalees-a critical analysis" (in Malayalam) Collected papers on crisis in education , Trissur: Sastra Sahitya Parishad .
Joseph K J (2001) “Sanskritization and Malayalam Language”(in Malayalam) Calicut : Madyamam Weekend .
Joseph K J (2004) Vargasamjnayum svathvabodhavum (Caste Names and Identity) (In Malayalam)Vijnanakairali Monthly (Journal of State Institute of Languages , Kerala ).
Joseph K J (2004) Basheerinte bashayum kure nirupakanmarum (In Malayalam) Mathruboomi Weekly  Vol.82, No. 23
Joseph.K.J(2005) Choolinte Chinnasastram: Pratirodhathinte Striipatangal(in Malayalam) Mathrubhumi Weekly, Vol.83, No. 1.
Joseph.K.J.(2005): Maaraar: Pazhaya thettum Puthiya Sariyum (in Malayalam) Calicut Mathrubhoomi Vol.83 No.35 and 36.
Joseph.K. J. (2005): Skoolmanangal (in Malayalam) Vaayana monthly (issue No.28).
Joseph K J (2006) Malayaaliyute Rajan athava rajan enna saamskarikabimbam  Pacchakuthira Magazine September 2006 Issue..
Joseph.K. J. (2006): paathangalute tamaskaranam fookloril (in Malayalam) Vijnanakairali Monthly (Journal of State Institute of Languages , Kerala ).
 Joseph K J (2007) Oru adhivasipaddhathiyute dayaniiya parajayam , Pacchakuthira Magazine September 2007 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2007) Aagolikaranakaalathe Malayalam (in Malayalam) Mathrubhumi Weekly, Jan14 issue.
Joseph K J (2008) Vivarthanavayanasakthi in Mathruboomi Weekly, July 20, 2008 issue.
Joseph K J (2008) Kristumasinte ormakalil in Kudumbajyothis Magazine December 2008 issue.
Joseph.K.J(2007) Aralam kondoru thiikkali - Pacchakuthira Magazine July 2010 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2008) mathaparivarthanathine Vayanadan paathangal, Pacchakuthira Magazine Feb 2008 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2007) Samantharam - Pacchakuthira Magazine January 2007 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2009) oru adivasigramatthinte varthamanarastriyam Pacchakuthira Magazine March 2009 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2008) saksharakeeralathile adivasi - Pacchakuthira Magazine Sept 2008 Issue.
Joseph K J (2009) Malayaliyute bhashamanobhavam in Bhoomimalayalam ( Journal of U C College Aluava,Malayalam Dept.
Joseph K J (2009) Pazham oru pathanam in the book on Vaikkom Muhammed Bashers’s Short stories in Malayalam Ed. Paul Manalin Olive Books Calicut.
Joseph.K.J ( 2010) Vayanadinte Roopabhedangal- Madyamam Weekly June 21, 2010 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2010) Athirthi( border in Malayalam) - Pacchakuthira Magazine July 2010 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2010) Malayaalathinte Padavikal (Linguistic status of Malayalm  )- Pacchakuthira Magazine November  2010 Issue.
Joseph.K.J(2011) Rittatayar Chetyyatta Swapnangal (in Malayalam) - Pacchakuthira Magazine November 2011 Issue.
Joseph K J (2011) Oru Kalnadakkarante Bahudooravicharangal Janashakthi Weekly Nov 19-25.
Joseph.K.J(2012) Adivaasimekhalayile athuraalayangal (in Malayalam) - Pacchakuthira Magazine January  2012  Issue
 Pranaymenno Irayenno Peridaavunna… (Collection of poems in Malayalam 2011) Saikatham Books: Kothamangalam2.      Editor of the ‘Tigings from Wayanad’ Newsletter of the College3.      Editor of ‘Chola’ Newsletter of OISCA International  Mananthavady Chapter.4.      “Samskritithiaricchal  Malayalamaakilla (in Malayalam) Calicut : Madyamam Weekend (2001)5.      Kristumasinte ormakalil in Kudumbajyothis Magazine :Changanasserry December 2008 issue6.      Unnathavidyaabhyaasam Prasnangalum Velluvilialum  Kudumbajyothis: Changanaserrry June 2012 Issue7.       Skoolmanangal (in Malayalam) Vaayana monthly (issue No.28).8.      Interviews with Prof  MGS Narayanan August 2008 Kudumbajyothis: Changanaserrry9.     Interview with Nalla Thampi Thera, Tribal Activist  Pachakuthira  Magazine 200710.  Interview with P K Kalan Vaayana Magazine11.  Interview  with C K Janu Tribal Activist  Pachakuthira  Magazine 200512.  Interview  with C K Janu Tribal Activist Pachakuthira  Magazine 201113.   Interview with Cheruvayal Raman, Traditional farmer Pachakuthira Magazine 201314.  Interview with K K Annan,Tribal  Social Leader and Political worker Pachakuthira Magazine 2007 December15.   Interview with Baby Thanappan Photojournalist, Pachakuthira Magazine 2008 April16.  Interview with K J Baby, Tribal Educationalist, Pachauthira Magazine 200617.  Interview with M P Radhakrishnan, 2007 January18.   Pattinimaranavum athmahatyayum  Vayana Magazine200419.  Pothumouthal Nasiikaranamennal ..vaayana Magazine .200520.   Muthangayile irakal ippozhum jiivichirikkuntu Vaayaana Magazine 200521.  Thirakaarathinte Vayanaavazhial 2012 Media wings, Wayanad 22.   Subhash Palearum NjanaLude jiivithavum April Interview with Cheruvayal  Raman , Traditional Paddy Pachakuthira  Magazine 201323.  Interview with Poet Abdul Salam in Mathrukaanweshi Magazine Chennai 2013 Translations 24.  TheLivinte grantappurayum kuRe              vithukalum  translation of the article written by Amar Kanwar 2013(Tr from English  to Malayalam) Pachakuthira Magazine 25.  Indayile AdivasibhaashaashakaLum  bhaashakaLute naasoonmuhathayum -      Dr  G Galasubrahmaniyan                                        in Bhoomimalayalam Research Journal of Aluva UC College Aluva (Tr from English to Malayalam) Book reviews26.   Puthukathayute vayannavazhikal  Review of the  Book -Akam Magzine27.  Review of Janakatha (Novel) written by  N Prabhakaran  - India Today Malayalam

Joseph K  Job Charithra Sinimayum otungatta vivadangalum Matruanweshi  Chennai 2013 AprilJoseph K Job  arivintre mozhiyum Porulum India Today 2013 May Joseph K Job Subhash Palearum NjanaLude jiivithavum Pachakuthira  Magazine 2013 April Joseph K Job TheLivinte grandappurayum nelvitthukaLum translation of the article written by Amar  Kanwar Pacchakuthira Magazine 2013 April Joseph K Job Interveiw with Poet Adul Salam  mathrukkanweshi 2013 Feb

Teaching Profile

1. Teaching undergraduate students since August 1994.
The course content prescribed by the affiliating university includes the socio-historical contexts of the growth and evolution of the Malayalam language; the literary and cultural tradition of Kerala in the larger multi-ethnic and multilingual Indian context; segments introducing the recent intellectual and theoretical developments in the study of culture and literature etc. Texts by various authors are taught in a programme spread over two years.
Teaching language through literature is done through discussion of linguistic and stylistic features, through tasks aimed at developing specific writing skills etc. There is an effort to develop in the students an understanding of different literary genres and text types and to provide them training in creative writing in Malayalam. Students are encouraged to write, translate and publish; very detailed discussions, suggestions for improvement etc. form essential components of this segment. Some students have gone on to publish individual pieces as well as anthologies. Students are also given training in writing for media, advertising etc.; they are trained to write scripts, news reports, brochures etc. They are also given training in various communicative skills needed in different situations through simulating various communication situations.
Some of these later components are add-on features not prescribed by the university but are done regularly and systematically.
The BA Functional English students of our college are given guidance and assistance in the writing of their dissertations/projects in various areas like translation, media analysis, script writing, feature writing etc. Guidance is given in both methodology and content.
One of the challenges before a Malayalam teacher in the current situation in Kerala in which Malayalam is in a position of disadvantage vis-à-vis English as the language of instruction and learning is to develop a positive attitude among the students towards their mother tongue and its literature.
2. Taught advanced courses in Malayalam (as second language) to teachers from various parts of India as part of their in-service training at the Southern Regional Language Centre, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore during January-April 1994.
3. Worked as lecturer in Malayalam in St. Philomena’s College, Mysore, Karnataka State for a year (1994-1995). The details are similar to those in the present working situation.
Research profile
Details of the research leading to PhD
Topic: The Language of Newspaper Headlines in Malayalam Dailies
This work is an attempt to demonstrate that newspaper headlines in Malayalam are a functional variety in themselves and not simply the products of certain liberties taken with language to meet the exigencies of newspaper production.
Experience and Training in Material Production
I have been associating with Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, as a resource person, for the production of language teaching materials since 1994. I have worked in various projects along with other researchers and teachers for developing teaching materials for second language learners of Malayalam.
1. Was member of the team which produced Bharathiya Bhasha Jyothy-Malayalam, a learning text book for Hindi mother tongue speakers. My contribution was the structural gradation of Malayalam grammar, creating situation suitable for a particular grammatical structure etc.
2. Pictorial Grammar of Malayalam for second language learners. Since it is a supplementary teaching material for second language learners, all the basic sentence patterns of Malayalam with their structural features are depicted in a graded manner through line drawings and stick figures with necessary brief notes in one or two sentences wherever necessary. It also helps those casual learners who are not bothered about learning to read and write in Malayalam but who could use the material for understanding the frequent sentence patterns used in day to day informal speech situations. My contributions include conceptual input, structural gradation of Malayalam sentences, visualization of the grammatical categories of Malayalam with sketches etc. This will be published by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore in a printed form as well as in online. (
3 Language Games in Malayalam
This is a language teaching material for both mother tongue speakers and second language Speakers. These games are designed to promote linguistic growth of a second language learner/ MT children and to stimulate and encourage children to go in search of extra reading materials, and reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. All these provide enough food for thought and fun and equally help the language users sharpen their language tools.
4. Malayalam-English -Japanese Dictionary for adult learners of Malayalam
5. Worked with a team of teachers and researchers in creating data base on proficiency test contents of Malayalam language and literature.
Details of the research Students
No of Students doing Ph. D under his supervision: 8

Involvement in the corporate life of the institution

Actively involved , both collectively and individually, in conducting seminars, symposia etc. Coordinating the activities of various student clubs, bringing out the students magazine etc. Presently the Staff Editor of students’ magazine. Coordinating Book Club, Secretary, Parent Teacher Association. Coordinating fine arts club of the college.
Programme officer , National Service Scheme from 1996-2001
Programme Coordinator, National Integration Camp held in our college. Selected volunteers from colleges all over India participated in the camp.
Editor of the ‘Tigings from Wayanad’ Newsletter of the College.
Co ordiantor of the college calendar and handbook from 2005 onwards.
Programme officer, Population Education Club, our college during 1995-99
Media and Public Relations officer of the college fro. June 2010

Workshops, seminars & conferences attended
1992. Workshop for the preparation of second languages course materials in Malayalam for Hindi Speakers conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore (for three months) held at Mysore .
1993. Workshop of artists and material produces conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.
1993. Workshop for the preparation of Language games in Malayalam conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore and State Institute of Languages Kerala for the held at Mysore
1994 Advanced Course in Computational Linguistics and NLP conducted by Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies, University of Hyderabad
1997 Workshop for the preparation of materials for testing and evaluation conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
1997 Five days seminar on the philosophy of Martin Hiedegar conducted by association of Comparative studies Changanassery, Kerala
1997 Four days training programme in AIDS education conducted by the NSS training and orientation centre (Kerala ), Rajagiri Co
1997. Orientation Course for National Service Scheme Programme Officer conducted by the NSS Training and Orientation Centre (Kerala), Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
1997. Training programme for NSS Programme Officers at Koduvayoor, Kerala llege of Social Science
1997 Refresher Course for NSS programme Officers conducted by the NSS Training and Orientation Centre (Kerala ) RajagiriCollege of Social Science 25th to 29th October 1999.
1999 Refresher Course in Malayalam Sponsored by Collegiate education Department , Govt of Kerala conducted at Brennen College, Thalaserry
2000 Four weeks UGC sponsored Orientation Course for College /University teachers conducted by Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University
2000 National Integration Camp organized by Ministry of Youth affairs and sports and NSS regional centre, Thiruvanthapuram held at Mary Matha Arts and Science College Manathavady.
2000 Workshop on theoretical perspectives in folklore studies held at Calicut university under the joint auspices of Folklore society of South Indian Languages and the centre for folklore studies ,University of Calicut.
2001 Workshop of the preparation of language games in Malayalam Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore held at Mysore
2002 Refresher Course in Applied Linguistics held at Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
2002 Workshop on development of Self instructional learning Materials conducted by University of Calicut.
2002 Workshop on Voicing across Indian Languages as a resource person for Malayalam Language conducted byCentral Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
2003 Three days Seminar on Literary Theories Conducted by Central Sahithya Academy and Kannur University held at Kannur
2003 National seminar on dimensions of class ,caste and gender in Folklore(participated as a resource person) held at Madai College ,organized by the Kerala Folklore Academy and Madai College Folklore Club.
2003 Workshop for the preparation of a pictorial Grammar of Malayalam conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore held at Mysore
2004 Worksop on GNU Linux conducted by Dept of Computer science, Mary Matha Arts and Science College Mananthavady in collaboration with Computer Society of India
2004 Workshop (second phase) for the preparation of a Pictorial Grammar of Malayalam conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore for 10days
2004 Workshop for the finalization of a Pictorial Grammar of Malayalam conducted by Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore for 7 days
2005 Seminar on Folklore in the Post-modern Scenario and presented a paper on ‘Marginalization of discourse in folklore’ conducted under the joint auspices of Kerala society for Folklore Research and Payyannur college, Kerala
2005 Participated and presented a paper on “ Poet Attoor Ravivarma “ in a workshop for the school children conducted under the joint auspices of State Institute of Children’s Literature, Thiruvananthapuram and Mathrubhumi daily held at Kalpetta
2005 Delivered a lecture on “Paths of Creativity” in a Literary Camp organized by the Kannur University union in Thirunelli for the college students held.
2005.Seminar on ‘Politics of poetry’ conducted under the joint auspices of Wayanad district library council, D.C.Books Kottayam and
2005 Seminar on ‘Malayalam as official language of Kerala’ conducted by Block Panchayath
2006 Attended NAAC Sponsored State level workshop on sustenance and enhancement of Internal Quality: Tasks programmes June 21-22.
2007 National Seminar on Dalit –Women Writings on 14-2-2007 and 15-2-2007 held at Govt. College Kalpetta
2007 Refresher Course in Comparative Literature from 4-1-2007to 21-1-2007 conducted by ASC University of Kerala
2007 UGC National Seminar on Education for Sustainable Development on 2-3-2007 and 3-3-2007 held at Madampam College of Education. Kannur.
2009 National Seminar on Language Teaching: New Trends on 29-01-2009 held at Union Christian College, Aluva and presented a paper on Language attitude of Malayalam speech community.
2009 National Seminar on State, Development and the Adivasis Question held on 2-04-09and 3-04-09 at the Department of political Science, Kerala University. And presented a paper on employment situation of the tribes of Wayanad Dist.
2010 August : Participated as Subject Expert in the Kerala Public Service Commission Interview for the selection of the High School Teachers in the Wayanad District held from 18- 20,August.
2010 September: Participated as Resource Person in the Faculty Development Programme for the Higher Secondary School Teachers(Malayalam) conducted By SCERT, Kerala state and Directorate of Higher Secondary Education on 16, September 2010.
2010 October: Attended UGC National Seminar on Language and Technology held at Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode on 4th and 5th October 2010.
2011 September: Participated as Resource Person in the UGC State Level Seminar on Modern Trends in Linguistics organized by the Dept of English, St. Mary's College, Sultan Bathery held from 22-24 Sept 2011 and presented a paper on the Ethnolinguistic Situation of Wayanad.

Membership in the Academic bodies

Resource person in Meterial Production Unit Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore Resource person in MILES Project Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore Resource person State Institute of Languages, Kerala Thiruvanathapuram Subject expert- Malayalam- Kerala State Public service Commission.

Membership in professional Associations

Joint Secretary of Kerala Society for Linguistic Research
Life member of Folklore Society of South Indian Languages
Life member of OISCA Intentional

Languages Known

Malayalam ,English, Tamil and working knowledge in Kannada and Hindi

Personal Information

Sex : Male
Date of birth : May 24, 1966
Marital status : Married (two children)
Nationality : Indian

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